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Just in case you were wondering what this means, look no further than all the things which make Nigeria and Jamaica outstanding – music, food, film, beauty, good vibes, shared history, sports and the the list goes on. When these are blended together like a fine Jamaican rum, the result is pure magic. Simply, Nai-Ja-maica!

Even though these two vibrant cultures are excellent on their own they are magnified and enhanced when they come together at different levels. This year presents a golden opportunity for the kind of NaiJamaica fusion that will make everyone want to get involved. On 29th April Nigeria and Jamaica celebrated the 50th anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations – a golden Jubilee!

A centerpiece of the scheduled activities will be the staging of an unprecedented direct charter flight between Lagos and Montego Bay in December (formerly scheduled for July but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

A 11 hours direct flight to Jamaica without flying via U.S.A, thereby relieving us the U.SA visa stress of the 27 hours flight journey.
Who can afford to be missing from such a once in a lifetime adventure?

Esmond Reid
Esmond Reid

Jamaican High Commissioner

Greetings everyone,

A very warm welcome to the exquisite world of Nai-jamaica.com! In this space you can fully embrace the creative fusion of the Jamaican and Nigerian cultural and historical evolution. This is your portal to the amazing sounds, colors and pulsating rhythms of the combined Nigerian and Jamaican experience. Yeah man!

Considerable work has gone into the development of this site and I salute all those who have contributed their energy and vitality at every stage. This is not just a site for choosing your next incredible holiday destination. It is actually a forum for business, cultural expression, leisure, education and lots more! Nigeria and Jamaica certainly have much to offer to the world and Nai-jamaica.com is the ideal place to get to know it.

My team and I are happy to support the objectives of Nai-jamaica.com and heartily invite everyone to take a tour of the site and provide constructive feedback. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the historic Jamaica-Nigeria 50th anniversary charter that will take off from Lagos in December 2020 as well as all the other deals and special offers that will be announced over time. Be sure to bookmark Nai-jamaica.com in your Favourites and set off on the journey of a lifetime. One Love!