• Is Jamaica accepting Nigerians during the pandemic?

Jamaica is one of the few countries in the world accepting tourists from all over the world; So yes, you would be more than welcome in Jamaica.

  • What is their level in Jamaica?

Jamaica has a low rate compared to many other tourist destinations.

For a country that opened its borders on the15th of June, their efforts have been globally commended. There has been no tourist related covid-19 transmission till date.

  • What measures are being taken?

Covid-19 test is required prior to entry.

Every hotel and tour sites have to be Covid-19 certified before they operate.

There are also certain towns you can visit and others you can’t all, along the resilient corridor (more information can be found in the travel requirements box on our website.


  • When are the travel dates?

First charter 21st  to 28th December

Second charter 30th December to Jan 6th

  • Can I stay for 2 weeks vs 1 week?

No, because the aircraft would be parked on ground, each person would be expected to use their return legs. The flight bringing people on the second rotation would do same and take back those that came with it.

This makes it impossible to join the second charter to return unless you forfeit your return seat (no financial value) and buy an additional ticket on the second charter (where you forfeit the first leg) and use your return ticket back into Nigeria.

  • What Airline

This is a commercial charter serviced by Air Peace airlines on their Boeing 777ER air craft.

  • What is the travel duration?

11hrs 30 mins

  • Is there inflight entertainment? And how many meals

Yes there is inflight entertainment and 2 meals would be served.

  • I wish to join from outside Nigeria, how do I go about it?

The official flight time would be announced on or before the 26th of October, 2020. We would recommend that you book all flights to Nigeria to allow you adequate time for entry into Lagos before the flight to Jamaica.

  • Can we book flights into Nigeria and provide support Nigerian visa support.

Yes we can, just contact us via email with your requirements.

  • Is there a discounted fare for children?

No, children pay for full price seats like adults; only infants 0-23 months pay 10% of the ticket fare ($165).


  • Is Jamaican visa difficult to obtain?

Contrary to popular opinion, the Jamaican visa is not difficult to obtain.

In the absence of a direct flight, travelling to Jamaica has always been via the UK or the US which meant an additional visa of any of those countries in addition to your Jamaican visa.

With this direct flight, there would be no need for these additional visas (UK or U.S).

  • Is the visa guaranteed?

All visas are granted at the discretion of the consulate. Should you be found eligible, your visa would be granted (kindly check requirements in visa section on the website). Please also note, even though the consulate grants the visa, entry into Jamaica is determined by the border and immigration. Should they find you non-satisfactory, they can deny your entry.

  • Timeline for visa

From submission to collection, kindly give 2 weeks.

  • Is it non-appearance + Cost

Yes it is; you need to send your documents across to the high commission in Abuja (address can be found in visa section). It costs $20

  • Duration of visa

Tourist visas are between 1 to 3 months

  • Is the visa sticker?

Yes, it is a sticker.

  • Can we act as visa support agents for you?

Yes we can, for a fee of $70, we would guide and make all submissions on your document provided on your behalf.


  • Can I stay in my friends/ family house in Jamaica?

No, you can’t.  Tourists are only allowed to stay in hotels within the resilient corridors (tourist locations have been inspected and are compliant with the required standards of training, protective equipment and processes) to ensure monitoring and safety of all.

Should you wish to stay out of a hotel, or outside the resilient corridor, you would need to self isolate for 14 days (which means you’ll miss your return flight).

  • Can I stay in an Air B’ and B?

You need to ensure they are in the resilient corridor, and that they are covid-19 certified otherwise, you would need to self isolate for 14 days.

  • Which hotel do I book?

Jamaica is a haven when it comes to hotels. You would be spoilt with choice. We advise you choose based on your budget or speak to a tour operator to put together a package for you.


  • What activities can I get up to in Jamaica?

The list is endless based on you interest.

  • Water based activities- such as snorkeling, catamaran cruises, swimming in the Caribbean sea, swimming in the luminous lagoon, bamboo rafting on the river. Horseback riding and swimming, catching numerous sunsets.
  • Several other recommendations can be found on ‘things to do’ on our website
  • What if I want a full package including flight, visa, hotel and tours?

A list of all our tourism partners can be found on our website.


  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Ocho Rios
  • Kingston
  • Port Antonio


What is the policy on refund?

A full terms and conditions document can be found on our website.

Terms are applicable to the time the flight tickets were purchased, so please check to understand which is most applicable to you.

What if the flight doesn’t take place?

Should we be forced to cancel the trip due to Covid-19, e.g.  In a case where our destination country suddenly stops accepting passengers from Nigeria. NAIJAMAICA is committed to refunding the cost of flight due to force majeure circumstances.

What if I test positive of Covi-19 prior to travel?

Should you cancel your flight due to Covid-19 related reasons, e.g. you test positive a few days to travel, so far as the actual flight is still happening, NAIJAMAICA can do nothing but apply cancellation policy clauses.

Is Travel insurance important?

We would recommend that all passengers get travel insurance that covers cancellations and helps passengers safeguard their journeys.

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