Escape the Harmattan this December for some tropical sunshine and relaxation in Jamaica, which is at the heart of the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for a place with people of warmth, creativity, and happiness, then Jamaica is for you.  Jamaica is a world-class destination when it comes to tourism and it extends beyond the beautiful white-sand beaches, brilliant blue waters and incredible sunsets.  It is also about the careful protocols and procedures they have put in place to remain as tourism leaders, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. First ever direct commercial charter flight from Nigeria to Jamaica

Yes you read it, you’ll be joining the historic flight from Nigeria to Jamaica this December. We would be flight 11 hours 30 mins directly from Lagos to Montego Bay.  Air Peace’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will get you there in style and comfort. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to join on this historic trip to Jamaica.


  1. No transit visas needed

There is an ongoing myth regarding difficulty in getting a Jamaican visa. That is actually a false premise as the difficulty arises from the need for a UK, Schengen or US visa, since those are the primary transit routes to Jamaica.  With our flights in December, for the first time ever, you will be able to visit Jamaica, solely on the basis of  a Jamaican visa. No need for any transit visas!


  1. Best option in the pandemic

Travelling during the current pandemic requires a lot of fortitude. The Jamaica Tourist Board has been commended by the UNWTO for its excellent measures to sustain tourism. Jamaica’s borders have been open since the 15th of June, and its number of Covid-19 infections has been relatively low.

The lock down took a toll on us, and there has never been a better time to get away for a well-deserved break to an exotic destination. There are no grey areas surrounding the entry requirements to Jamaica, unlike many other countries with either a travel ban or some level of uncertainty.

  1. Similarity in culture

Nigerians and Jamaicans are connected by strong historical and cultural roots, hence you will not struggle to adapt to the Jamaican way of life. Major Nigerian foods are available there like plantains, yams, mannish water (like goat pepper soup), patties (like our meat pies), fried dumplings (like our buns) and yes, just as we Nigerians love our pepper,  so do they.

When it comes to music, just as we love our afro beats, they love their reggae, and you will not be surprised to hear your favourite Davido tracks in the hotel bar.

Our Nigerian ‘turn up’ culture is the same in Jamaica, as their night life is really important.

Do not be surprised to see Calabar High School in Kingston (named after Calabar, whose port was used to transport many of our ancestors during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade). You would also find Abeokuta in Westmoreland in Jamaica (where indentured workers from Egba land settled 300 years ago).

Unlimited enjoyment

Jamaica is internationally known as the land of “No Problem”. Over 4 million visitors per year can speak to that!

From a plethora of all-inclusive resorts to choose from (this means breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) all round the clock! Yes, ‘midnight snackers’, an all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica awaits you.

Whether you want to just stay in your resort to communicate with the sky and the crystal blue waters, or you want:

  • to snorkel with the fish and other marine life
  • visit amazing waterfalls
  • play golf like a pro on PGA certified golf courses
  • swim in the Luminous Lagoon (which illuminates blue)
  • catch epic sunsets in Negril from the world-renowned Ricks’ Café (if you are brave you could even dive from the cliff).
  • go horseback riding in water
  • go bamboo rafting on the river
  • go diving into the Blue Lagoon
  • upgrade for extreme adventures such as hiking in the Blue Mountains, Quad biking or ziplining
  • get married, yes you can get a marriage license in Jamaica 24 hour after arrival!

Five reasons are not enough, so I hope to see you all on the upcoming flights.

First rotation Dec 21st to 28th 2020

Second Rotation Dec 30th 2020 to 6th Jan 2021

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