Nigeria to Jamaica Visa Requirement

Nigeria to Jamaica Application Procedure / How to apply for Tourist Visa

When making an application for an entry visa, the following documents must be provided:

1. Completed Visa Application Form, signed by the applicant;

2. One passport-sized photograph;

3. A valid Passport – copy of the bio-data page to be submitted in the first instance. The passport must be valid for the period of intended stay in Jamaica;

4. Flight itinerary; and proof of sufficient funds to cover the visit;

5. *Passport(s) not required for Nigerian nationals on submission; only a copy of the bio-data page.

Applicants outside of Nigeria are encouraged to include their passports along with the application

form in order to eliminate the cost of sending twice.

6. Supporting documents (see information below).



Completed visa application form, along with original *supporting documents should be submitted using one (1) of the following options:


Bearer with letter of authorization signed by the applicant or

Via any Courier Service.

As the High Commission is required to refer applications to the Immigration authorities in Jamaica for prior approval, please submit your completed application at least two (2) weeks before your intended date of travel to ensure sufficient processing time.

Applicants will be contacted to submit their passports, once the approval is granted.

*Supporting documents, as appropriate:

1. If you have previously travelled to Jamaica, kindly include a copy of current or previous passport,

specifically the pages showing the Jamaican visas and the relevant immigration entry stamps.

2. Copy of transit visa, if applicable.

3. A letter of invitation from a person or organization in Jamaica (if applicable) or confirmation of

accommodation reservation

4. Proof of Financial Status (pay slips, statement of income, investments )




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5.Up to 6 months  Bank Statement from the individual or organization, if you are being sponsored (Also a letter authorizing you to utilize them)

6. An Introductory letter or leave letter from your employer or school or an identification card where necessary.

7. If self-employed, evidence of your business, i.e. registration documents and bank statements.

8. Kindly indicate when an applicant is unemployed or retired.

9. If sponsored by an individual in Jamaica, evidence of their immigration status (e.g. copy of their passport) and proof of financial status.

10. In the case of a business visit, please provide recent evidence of correspondence with the organization in Jamaica and letter of invitation.

11. In the case of a student visa, please provide an acceptance letter, proof of payment of school fee, and a return ticket.

12. In the case of minors, a birth certificate must be presented, as well as a letter of consent from parents, if travelling with a guardian. If traveling with a spouse, a marriage certificate is required.

13. Proof of address (rental receipt, utility bill)

14. Bearers collecting passports or any other document for applicant(s) must present a “Letter of Authorization” to act on applicant’s behalf (signed by the applicant, having the bearer’s name and identification number). A copy of the Identification stated in the letter must be attached to the letter.